Second Trial

As planned in the WP6 deployment plan, a second round of trials is going to start for final evaluation and assessment of the use of the BeAware applications in real households. The results will be highlighted in the D6.3 – Results of BeAware second trial andin the D6.4 – Impact assessment of BeAware Applications.

Inputs from first BeAware trial and related activities

The outcomes of the first BeAware trial are the most important starting point for planning and carrying out the activities to setup and run the second round of trials.

The anaysis of the first trial results highlighted the main areas of intervention for an improved BeAware prototype and, consequently, some elements of the system have been re-designed to address these needs, they are:

*the EnergyLife UI

*the game logic, with a change of the frequency of delivery of advices and quizzes, a new specification of the functionalities available on each level, and an enhanced community feature with the introduction of the ranking concept.

*The smart advice feature, a revised and enhanced quiz database and the new version of Ambient  Interface, i.e. the Watt-lite Twist will be also available for the second trial.

In order to verify the new BeAware prototype prior to start the actual users’ experience with the second trial, testing activities have been planned and are currently being executed inside WP6, in the controlled testing environments in Sweden, Finland and Italy.

Furthermore, the experience of the first trial also suggested the revision of the households requirements for the next trial: slightly modified selection criteria have been defined to meet the requirements previously defined in WP2 and have been adopted by WP6 for the selection of new families.

Recruitment, participants and research plan

The second phase will include also Sweden as trial site. Specifically, 5 families in Italy, 5 in Sweden and 2 in Finland will be participating to the second BeAware trial, together with the controlled environments (2 in Italy, 2 in Sweden and 2 in Finland).

The Watt-lite Twist will be used as an alternative feedback system to EnergyLife in 2 real households, 1 in Sweden and 1 in Finland.

Recruitment of new families has been concluded and the installation of the new sites is going to be finalized in all the involved countries. The actual users’ experience will start in January with the first meetings between the users and the responsible research team in Sweden, Italy and Finland. During the first visit the system will be configured, the participants will be trained to the use of the system and the first awareness questionnaire will be submitted.

Next visits will be scheduled, as done during the first trial, once a month and will progressively cover all the evaluation aspects and tools already adopted, but improved following the outcomes of the first trial.