Service Layer

The Service Layer provides an open and distributed web service infrastructure oriented towards users and detailed analysis of energy consumption in households, metering it using the sensor Layer’s sensors. The Service Layer is one of three layers composing the BeAware System. It occupies the central layer and holds a strategic rule within the whole BeAware System.As shown in the following picture, the service layer represents the natural bridge between the Sensor Layer, which provides consumption measurement data from sensor nodes, and the EnergyLife, which provides information to the user and makes him/her an active stakeholder into the consumer energy conservation chain. The figure below gives a simple overview of how the three layers, in the BeAware Platform, impact each others: data coming from the Sensing Platform and power provider network (i.e. BaseStation and Data Store) are elaborated from the Service Layer and fed to User Application layer (i.e. Application Layer and Community).

On the other hand, the picture below shows an overview of how the BeAware System puts its idea in practice. Some wireless sensors have been applied to some appliances. The sensors detect the consumption energy by the appliance and send the detected data to a BaseStation that, working in harness with Service Layer, makes a first analysis of received data. The processed data arrive to the Web Service Layer (WSL) that renders them for the Mobile and the ambient interface.

Actually, the Service Layer is more than a simple bridge, It is the business engine vitalizing the BeAware Game, It dances to game rules’ tune. Consumption data are gathered by the sensors, afterwards data are sent to the service. Such data coming from the sensor layer, before to be shown by the EnergyLife, are analyzed and held by Service Layer in order to profile the BeAware users sending the advices tips and the smart Advice tips as well as submitting the quizzes. These advice and quizzes are customized for each single device and they aim at educating the people to the virtuous usage of the appliances.Above all that, the service layer, using the game metaphor, aims to engage the user through a social network. Within the Social Network the BeAware user of the Household can hire the competition with other users of several households, the winner will be the household that will be known to use better its appliances. Finally, the service layer holds a key rule within BeAware System. It manages all game logic, the community and the Smart Advice aiming to suggest the right usage of each single appliance.