Energy Life

Energylife is a pervasive application that helps household members conserve energy. The energy consumption of appliances are shown in an engaging user interface as a mobile web application running on iPhones.
For individual appliances or the entire household users can track their consumption habits and how much energy they are saving.

Promoting awareness

Energy Life bases its persuasive potential on two pillars, awareness tips and consumption feedback. Awareness tips are meant to increase the users’ knowledge of the consequences of their electricity consumption in general and of that of specific devices; consumption feedback makes the actual energy consumption visible to the users in terms of the updated distance from the selected saving goal.

The two kinds of information together would help the users to monitor the quality of their conservation practices, and would enable them to know what to change in these practices in order better to achieve their goal. Both types of information are tailored to the actual consumption of individual devices and of the whole household.

Smart advices are triggered based on the usage of certain appliances. The application is created as a game that has different levels. Users can pass from one level to another by fulfilling certain criteria. The application provides contextualized help and an community that enable users within your own or from different households to communicate with each other.

When an appliance that is monitored is switched on it’s consumption is shown in the interface. The system keeps track of the household energy consumption and uses it to calculate a consumption baseline. This baseline is used for comparison when determining if a household is saving or wasting electricity. The application lets the users know if the household in is saving or consuming electricity. Users can earn points to advance to the next level by reading tips and answering correct on quiz related to energy saving.

Scenario video

This comic strip shows a user scenario of a family using the mobile application Energy Life to control their energy usage.