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The project team has released an on-line survey and challenge you to answer the survey for actively contributing to the project’s research.
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This paper illustrates the approach of Energy Life, a pervasive household sensoring and feedbacking system aimed at improving the energy conservation practices of the inhabitants. The concept of EnergyLife takes into account state-of-the-art knowledge of what makes a feedback intervention effective, which – at this stage of its development – can be synthesized into two main features. First, knowledge and action are to be synergically addressed by visualizing electricity consumption on the one side, and providing conservation tips on the other. Second, the design should be centered on the users …

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BeAware has been interviewed by Euronews. In the video, conservation potential in the residential sector is discussed together with the BeAware approach to understand and engage consumers in energy saving.
From Euronews website:
The results were quite a surprise. Luciano Gamberini:
“The statistics are completely different from those revealed by the questionnaire. Some of the behaviour about sustainability, like leaving lights switched on at home, wasn’t credible. Almost 50 per cent of people lied in these questionnaires.”
To be widely accepted by users the Energy Life system has to be easy to learn, effective …

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BeAware is one of the candidates in the Best ICT4EE Project Award.
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Lassi A Liikkanen, from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, got his paper “Extreme-User Approach and the Design of Energy Feedback Systems” accepted for the International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting 2009 (EEDAL’09), June 16-18 in Berlin, Germany.