22 Jun 2011

Energy Life is a system utilizing wireless sensors, and a smartphone that turns energy consumers into active players. Energy Life participants play through different levels collecting scores in savings and through advice tip reading and quizzes. Key principles embodied in Energy Life are: situated and combined feedback including knowledge and consumption information, intuitiveness and non-intrusiveness by utilizing an always at hand solution on a touch enabled smartphone , sustained interaction and engagement by using a applied game that connects players within and between households.
BeAware is carrying out a Demo Tour of EnergyLife. Started at UbiComp 2010 September in Copenhagen , Energy …

17 Jun 2011

The May issue of Computer (vol. 44, no. 5), the flagship publication of IEEE, featured a paper summarising the BeAware project: Eco-Feedback on the Go: Motivating Energy Awareness.
Abstract: The EnergyLife mobile interface incorporates lessons from environmental psychology and feedback intervention to relay information from appliance sensors, offering a gaming environment that rewards users for decreased electricity consumption.
More information:
Full paper: http://users.tkk.fi/~giulio/eco-feedback.pdf, http://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/MC.2011.125
Citation: Anna Spagnolli, Nicola Corradi, Luciano Gamberini, Eve Hoggan, Giulio Jacucci, Cecilia Katzeff, Loove Broms, Li Jönsson, “Eco-Feedback on the Go: Motivating Energy Awareness,” Computer, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. …

17 May 2011

As part of academic and educational activities of BeSchool (summer school) BeAware organized  at the IEEE Pervasive conference a international workshop with a prominent organizing committee of scientists from Europe and Asia. The first workshop focussed on energy awareness and conservation that brings together excellence of research from Far East (Japan with the co-organisation of University of Waseda) and Nordic Europe. Workshop topics and objectives: Pervasive sensing of energy consumption. Energy efficient infrastructures for sensing energy and users. Pervasive interfaces including natural/ambient and mobile applications. Informed design of applications. The workshop is co-organised by the EU …

17 Mar 2011

Carin Torstensson, from Interactive Institutes Energy Design studio is invited to talk about the EU-funded project BeAware at the Swedish Energy Agency’s Nordic Energy Conference 2011. She will present a live demo of the prototype Energy Life and speak about the preliminary results from the project.
Nordic Energy Outlook 2011, organized by the Swedish Energy Agency, is North Europe’s largest energy conference addressing and showcasing the latest findings and trends in the industry. Organizations and companies from the Nordic countries will meet for three monumental days to discuss everything energy-related and …

17 Mar 2011

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate has referred their report on smart grids and smart meters to the Interactive Institute for condsideration. The conclusion of Interactive Institute’s reply is that behavioural changes are needed to reach the full potential of smart grids. In order to reach necessary changes, the smart grid and the smart meters need to be open for free competition on the market. They also need to have an open infrastructure delivering data in real time. This will create better conditions for new cost-effective services and products that can …

4 Mar 2011

Carin Torstensson, from Interactive Institute’s Energy Design studio, is invited to participate in a dialog meeting about smart grids. The meeting will take place the 4thof March at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. The Director General of the Energy Markets Inspectorate, Yvonne Fredriksson is hosting the event.

4 Mar 2011

The second BeAware trial with new families in Italy, Sweden and Finland is in progress. Users are experiencing the prototypes of EnergyLife and Watt-Lite:Twist since January, after being instructed on their use.
The BeAware research teams in each country are currently preparing the second round of visits to the users, for an initial evaluation of their experience with the system. The evaluation activities will include the submission of a satisfaction survey, along with the execution of some video-recorded usability tasks.
The second BeAware trial with new families in Italy, Sweden and Finland …

4 Mar 2011

Carin Torstensson, from Interactive Institute, held a speech about the project BeAware at a breakfast seminar Tuesday, March 1. She also showed a live demonstration of the prototype Energy Life. The audience was people from small and medium sized companies that have their business at Munktell Science Park in Eskilstuna, Sweden. After the presentation people showed their interest by asking questions about the project and the prototype.

24 Jan 2011

The project has just started the second trial of the developed prototypes Energy Life and Watt-lite: Twist. The prototypes are installed in real households; 5 in Italy, 5 in Sweden and 2 in Finland, and the families will use the prototypes during three months.

16 Dec 2010

Dissemination events and conferences
BeAware was exhibited at ICT 2010: Digitally Driven, 27-29 September in Brussels where a complete BeAware installation “at work” was shown to the visitors. The installation received an impressive amount of visitors, all of them leaving the stand with the highest appreciation for the project.
BeAware was presented at the Metering Europe conference, 22-24 September in Vienna, by Monica Löf (Vattenfall). The presentation described Energylife, as well as new work about the utility experience of Energy efficiency and smart metering. BeAware was also presented on the co-located Smart …